The private Train “Classic Courier”

The CLASSIC COURIER is a Private Train made up of comfortable Express train-Coaches of the 1940′s to 1970′s.

The comfortable and nostalgic ambience of the private compartments and the luxurious communal coaches dedicated to communication, relaxation, entertainment and culinary experiences mirror the lifestyle and travelling expertise of an almost bygone era.
Cruising Europe in style and comfort

Experience the old way of travelling in style and comfort on our day-time journeys en route from highlight to highlight – relax and rediscover the ‚Old World’ aboard the CLASSIC COURIER while rail-cruising and truly enjoying the stunning landscapes and the charming cities of Europe.

The European rail routes are so much more scenic than any endless motorway or ‘autobahn’!
Amenities and choices

Any train – but even more so: your private train, the CLASSIC COURIER – offers a lot more space and freedom to move about and meet fellow travellers than any other means of transport.

You will enjoy sitting vis-à-vis in your own compartment, but you are also free to stroll and wander around, to simply open a window and to experience the journey with all your senses.

The “Salon-Car” is a wonderful place to relax and fully enjoy the journey. Why not indulge in a nice cup of coffee or an aperitif while our onboard pianist provides some musical background and live entertainment?

This is also the place to meet – or to play a game of cards – and to take part in some of our organized onboard activities. You are also very welcome to our “Bar”! Have a drink or a local beer and enjoy the journey!
Our historic Dining Cars and our dedicated and friendly Service Team will cater for all your gastronomic needs – they will invite you to sample some of the culinary specialities of the various regions and destinations while travelling to them and viewing them through the picture windows. You can also avail of service-at-your-seat and enjoy a snack or refreshment in the comfort of your own compartment.

All train coaches have been fully custom-refurbished and boast ‚First Class’ atmosphere and comfort, including the modernized and upgraded sanitary facilities. There are two types of vis-à-vis compartments available for seat reservation: ‘First Class’ with six seats per compartment and special ‘Club-compartments’ with seating up to only four persons each.

A CLASSIC COURIER rail cruise – Reaching the day’s rail destination all travellers are divided into smaller sized groups with their own escorts to commence the day’s sightseeing program.

In the meantime other members of our team will take care of all your suitcases and heavier luggage items. As the train travels only by day – and not everyday – you will be based in hotels of your chosen category and according to your personal itinerary.

Not only on the train but also at destination point our experienced team of tour directors and escorts will take care of all your needs, supplemented and supported by local guides, hosts and regional experts during all excursions and guided sightseeing tours.

Truly a trip of a lifetime – perfectly organized!